So spoke the rubbish

out of sight

out of mind

life and breath

left behind

long gone

for none cares not


now forgot

Re appearance

not taken well

get way

such awful smell

let serve

no purpose now

such not needed


In the bag

thats where its at

Stay shuffled out the door

Ah so warm

so very kind

rubbish that is

of the blind

Once was good

So welcomed in

Now delegated

to the rubbish bin

Lesson of the Casual Strangers Seed

Lying dead on the ground I witness my soul as the eye of the observer. Why have I not told those I loved that I loved them? Why have I failed to hold them in warm embrace? Why now the shadows of death, with no recourse to make amends to the mess I leave behind? To all those I love, I am so sorry,yet no way to deliver this message now. How I wish to be free once more,to give each the love so much deserved, shine such happiness into your life. Reflections of the actions not done, now to live on eternally,the door of recourse blocked. Forgiveness now my only solace, for the one now not to be. Forgiveness to love thy very self, as the love wished one had given when the opportunity was present. Humble in the solitude of death, lying on the ground,reality stark and sudden ,without the comfort of another day,another chance. Fly on angel wings to give,do for me what I did not. The morning sun so bright ,fills my heart in tears. The breath that now fills my lungs, so joyous and serene to have reappear. My visit at my inner soul,so real, yet now only a dream,let me learn the lesson truly, for all those that come in contact with me. Death will come again I know,perhaps next time the reflection of my soul will be as bright as the morning sun awakens. Because,still I stumble,yet I fall, -yet the breath still remains. Will I use it as I should? How will I greet myself in the shadows once more?May the result be not the same.




With the lonely

All in one

All to be

Missed you so often

Lonely in my fear

Rarely speaking of the truth

What was held

So very near

Twisted tales

Of smokescreen lure

Mundane prattle

You endure

Then to see

The light flickers begin

Happy how free

They shine again

One’s breath now makes

This story unfold

One’s breath of love

As the story that’s told

For darkness to close

The human eye

No more to live

The human



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The Toddlers Ride

The laughter was insatiable in the warm sunlit afternoon. The rocks drew blood before the eyes. Innocence in belonging bent as the spokes of the first volley thrown,to forever engrave upon the souls mortal existence. Only to play and seek out friends on such a wonderfully sunny day. Rubber tires not needing air,extra wheels would stabilize the load. A red frame so shiny and new,to venture out upon the world. Motherly kindness felt with warmth and joy,setting out under a wondrous blue sky. Greet the very real and physical stones hurled on the innocence of beginning. Such a course that would not change,the reality now set. Then the laughter from the happy ones,holding hands of mental embrace,the first ambulance arrives. Death not this time,the lesson will go on. The scars on the forehead heal,as they penetrate the bone. The aura has been altered for all the world to see. The moon waxes full repeats beyond 30 score,as reality remains. She was kind in her heart as the truth unveiled itself ,witness to the passage that was meant to be,relentlessly unfolding. Love’s presence struggles the heals of rejection and scorn. Conformity as cover up,stripped away in time. Snickering on bubbly brew for the privy to partake. Kindness of the mortal man, transparent to the witness mind. Belief in what is not , blood red again to the mirror of the eye. When the blackness shines the light on the pathway that has been,where will the stones then lie?Are they buried within,fossilized proof for the baggage claim?