Mortal Hands

To engrossed in thoughts of the day,weary eyes will not rest.

Peering behind life’s curtain now,witness an enlightening karmic bequest.

There a woman does exist,along with a man.

To greet the spirit once again and walk upon the land.

Entities that walk in life,as the mortal kind.

Remembering the essence of an existence once left behind.

There is a love,such not in words,but a feeling so very real,

To close old wounds naturally,so forever they may heal

They know the bond,a spirit free.

That kindles warmth into an eternity,

Such is all that matters,all that needs to be.

Now to habituate this world, in a quiet sort of bliss.

No one to be hurt,nothing made amiss.

Among the living though,in deep complexity,love to you is quietly heard.

For he is she,and she is he and together they love the third.

Then to the future,with all its uncertain terms.

Awaits the unsuspecting,for which the heart yearns.

Thus life among the living,so much to be enjoyed.

Meets the love from whence it came,again the hearts deployed.

Hence never go away alone,nor ever live in fear,

The presence of an eternal love, always will be near.  


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