Pathway to the Window

She knew the love was not hers to have,the moment had passed away. She still saw him all the time,but the emptiness was hers alone. He knew her well and wished no harm,but could not give her as she truly wanted. He had tried. Years had passed since that last embrace. Near to her in the pain of her heart,he pursued the love of his own. There was nothing more to give. Nothing could be done,She walks in the shadows of the memory,a relic of another time and place. She wished the end would come so soon,but knew such was not to be. Now he is with his chosen love,in painful witness for her to see. She smiles the mask that covers the pain, another day goes by. She has the knowledge that time will heal the pain,but such a block in the fabric of time seems hardly worth the wait. She fiddles her mind in such innocuous ways,to cover the tracks of her folly. For the truth to be known is perceived as a terrible waste,thus buried within the secret plan. But the secret plan waits to unfold, execution so hard to understand,the happenstance does not will,another day goes by. The radiant shine hurt her eyes,yet did plan not unfold? The beauty of her inner heart answered seven fold.  For though the passion does not die,the future still awaits.Seek beauty in the sky. Dream on little angel,he is not to blame. Live life to the fullest,not in deaths name. Do not purposely die.


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