God is a term used within this context to describe the indescribable and unnameable. This is an expression of an entity that is within and without all the universe and beyond the human cognizant comprehension. God exists within a universe within the tiniest neutron,to neutrons comprising the furthest understanding of universe within universe upon universe. God is simultaneously methane rain on a planetary moon while experiencing human free will joy and suffering,still yet while being the life giving photosynthesis of phytoplankton of oceans. God is the essence of conscious thought embodied in human free will transmitted through and part of legions of angelic embodiments. One impermeation of all, while simultaneously separate and distinct. God is indescribable universal love.

In the love of God,my entity exists as both male and female,one cannot exist as one without the other. My incarnation of human form was born into a male body,which was blessed…

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Ego reflects,

in the wee hours of the morn.

exhaustion was his keeper,

her heart was quite forlorn.

Not a peep to be heard,

silence was not broken

-save the chattering of the keys,

words that are unspoken.

The blue grey road,

ego walked the day before,

covered in bright colored artwork,

with musical sounds galore.

There was but one goal,

unconditional love to give

-asking nothing from anyone,

just acceptance of life to live.

Thus ego walks in,

thinks better to give than to receive,

with holes in pocket from life’s work,

now stripped of armor to deceive.

Ego arrives to her smile and nod,

bringing good intentions to bear.

finding love is reciprocal,

shared happiness welcomed there.

Then gifts they so happily gave,

which first was of themselves.

sharing in the noontime break,

with total payment of the serving elves.

Later returned

to a very safe place,


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