Sound Bites Cannot Cure U.S. Economic Malaise

Today’s “in the moment” sound bite type rhetoric in the U.S. is harmful to a clear understanding and correction of the root causes underlying the economic malaise still present in the economic marketplace. The policies set in place over the last 30 years relating to supply side economics and associated deregulation and repeal of 1930’s Depression era rules, Glass Steagall in particular, must be examined in detail. While sound bite reporting often targets the ballooning national deficit as a core driver of the current economic situation,understandably since it is the highest since the end of WWII, there is little mention or recognition this debt has been escalating since 1982.There is a notable exception of decelerating national debt between 1995-2000,which also resulted in a balanced budget. The balanced budget and declining national debt however was subsequently and rapidly reversed. The policy decisions that must be made cannot be explained and properly acted on by short self serving sound bites in use to inform and sway public opinion. The public would be much better served by repeated, rational, well thought out open public discourse, as opposed to the single item sound bite prevalently in use to inform the public on such complicated issues. The power of the people needs to return to the people in the form of an intelligent decision making process.


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