Capitalisim and Core Values

Capitalism is a fantastic system to encourage entrepreneurial activities and a great engine as an overall economic base.Economic benefits of capitalism are well felt in many growing free market environments,however it is not well suited for every situational market of human undertaking.This is specifically true when capitalism functions in realized non free choice situations resulting in the detriment of others for the primary purpose of monetary gain.Insurance,while not alone by any means, is an excellent example where this is all to often true. This is not a reflection or villainization of  the individual working in the industry carte blanche, as the integrity and character of so many has been proven a valuable attribute in times of need to a great many people. Rather the point in focus is the underlying conflict of principles. Insurance, thought of as the pooling of resources from many to assist a few members of the pool in times of need is combined with a venture in capitalism and the need to collect more premiums than is paid as the measure of profit.Profit being a main focus of capitalist corporate existence,and rightly so.Thus the conflict in principles arises,largely from greed and profit taking motives,noting this occurs on both sides of the fence,abuse and frauds are not ignored here. A major consideration and point of contention becomes the desire to collect premiums and make a profit, which have been shown to take a higher priority than helping those in times of need. Humankind has a non discriminatory element of greed no doubt, it is a major underpinning to the position of the need to separate human need services,such as insurance from the capitalist economic survival method.When the desire to help others in need is not predicated or overridden with the need for monetary gain, we have moved closer to the realm of higher existence as a society. Fine print as justification to enable human suffering as a guarantee of profit is wrong on many levels. It is also a failure and  violation of the universal enlightenment and action indicated by what is known in western culture as the Golden Rule.Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren,that you do unto me.What are the true core values of the nation? Has money become the true token of worship beyond all else?