One Love

Worldwide society has reached a point to enable  freeing the concepts of universal love,we should accept this.Our social orders should now strive to practice in such a fashion.Social order must now embrace meaningful dialogue concerning the cultural differences that ultimately bind us all together.

However,the fundamental philosophies of the ancient Pharisee’s are still alive and well in the new millennium,as they have been throughout the ages.Recognize and resist the current Pharisee’s as such in their ruling order in earthly lascivity, as they falsely proclaim the creator in their selfish vanity and greed.Leave judgmental contrite barbaric & sectarian fundamentals in the past,including  Pharisee’s love of money above all else,as exploited through mass media.The time has come to cast aside boastful and self centered aggrandizement .Haughty arrogance is not a good choice for learning the pathways to universal  destinies.To judge others as  inferior simply because we don’t understand them or  their ideals differ from ours, has the same intellectual integrity as Galileo being drawn and quartered for proclaiming the  earth is round.

The gift must begin with love,the truth that lives within. Seek out and separate light from darkness. Love is the answer.We are one with the universe.


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