Garbage does not exist

Nature of Garbage

The reality is garbage is only a term,a term created by human beings to describe an anomaly that has been created by our actions.With the perplexing problems of existence as it is, we must begin our journey by  reaching into the inner reaches of our mind to discover the truth of  our existence in relation to coping with the reality of the situation that we confront. We must recognize  garbage only as the misguided term it is.With reflection,it is known  garbage does not exist in nature, always a cycle of birth to rebirth in a another form through the decay and rejuvenation of the cells of which we are all part of.Every minute cell of every organism is a part of the whole in synergistic balance.Our misguided efforts at cleanliness serve only a short term inconclusive purpose,the discarded items continue their life cycles as they continue in their state of existence in the environment.

Even the seemingly benign,such as putting the dog poop in the plastic bag and placing it in a trash bin only serves to preserve the poo,and retard its renewal and rebirth into the earth. Why have we decided the proper disposal of items is linear to a non renewable entity with no value? Such a premise is insane on the face of it. All matter is substance of the universe of which we all are a part.

We have began our realization with well intentioned and meaningful strides, such as efforts at recycling of our plastic and paper,however this must result in the complete removal of the trash bin,the circle must always be complete.


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